January 27, 2013
Today was the day…

So, today was the chosen one, the beginning of the rest of my life, the first stone on the path to forever. OK, so admittedly a little over dramatic. I’m really setting you up for a big disappointment here. Regardless, I’ll continue. At sunset the day began, it was all planned out.

Here came they day….. I was going to sort my finances out!

I can almost picture the excitement in your eyes. Nevertheless, with the proof in the planning I assembled my tools (calculator, pen, paper, bank statements) and sat myself in the resort which I call my desk. To start with I felt optimistic, a little smug I suppose. After all, I have landed myself my dream job! With this in mind, I calculated my budget, which I must be honest it didn’t look as appealing as I’d originally hoped. First downfall. Anyway, I proceeded with a sunny attitude, which looking back now I realised was slightly forced at the time.

Loading up a mortgage calculator, I popped the new details in. To my expectant surprise it came back with quite a healthy answer. I could borrow up to £237,000. Pretty happy with this I proceeded to open up the Right move app, which I realise now was probably the worst move of the day. Searching for properties within this price range I happily clicked away, mentally dressing fire places and undressing teal green and fusty orange wallpaper.

Still basking in my earlier glory, my attention turned back to my budget. Now be prepared folks, this is where it all starts to go down hill. My monthly disposable income amounts to £423 per month. Still pretty happy with this, I began to work out how long it would take me to save a standard 10% deposit for a mortgage. 4.1376 years wasn’t the answer that I was looking for. Setting my expectations more realistically, halfing the value I came up with just over 2 years. Defeated, I slumped, I was looking for nothing over a year. At an ideal time to buy a house with house prices at rock bottom compared to what they were last decade. Things are not going to happen as I hoped.

Considering the options, I realmed in the possibility of taking out an unsecured loan to fund this deposit. Immediately shunned this from my mind, the idea didn’t pass first base. Common sense kicked in; thanks, where were you ten minutes ago? The flashing memory of the farce of Northern Rock together loan further qualified my concerns. Banks don’t offer 100% mortgages for a reason.

Putting a dampner on my day, I realised the long road ahead. Saying that, I based the budget on my existing income, due to change in line with my promotion, although not reaching my full earning potential for some time. This may be a pick me up in months to come but right now, offers little consolation.

C’est la vie, I suppose. Up and onwards. You don’t get anywhere in life with a negative attitude. So, after a few more hours of wallowing in self pity, I will be back on the financial track. For now, I have clothes on my back, a roof over my head and food in my belly. A lot more than some people have on this earth. If my biggest worry is how to gather money to buy a pile of bricks and water, I’m doing pretty good.

December 19, 2012
The incompetence of some people

Makes me so angry. And the politics of life makes me want to give up now.

December 12, 2012
it’s 12/12/12 in the UK too huh?


How convenient. 

December 11, 2012
Revision - enlightening or just frightening?

Today, I dropped into see my new boss to get the ball rolling with my new job.

It was a relatively mundane day at work and when I was informed that a study pack was on its way to me I got rather excited. I spent most the afternoon drawing up study timetables, diarising my life for the next two months, mentally purchasing a desk and surfing the web for relevant literature. And then it dawned on me, am I really sad? Or do I just care about my career. Many a person has said to me “you don’t die wishing you had spent more time in the office”. True. But the sad reality of it is. I really enjoy studying and working. Don’t all heckle at once.

I’ve done a fair bit of revision in my time. Maybe enjoyable is the wrong word, ‘immune’ may be more realistic. Undoubtedly, the promise of new employment following study and assessment spurs the mind on slightly. But even so? Who knows. To me the rewards are paramount. My dream job.

But for now I’m working on the premise do what you enjoy. You live one life. Regret later, live for now.

June 20, 2012
On the Atlantic Cover: Why Women Still Can’t Have it All


A brief comment:

I would like to provide a comprehensive list of people who “still can’t have it all.”

  • Everyone. Everywhere. All the time.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I subscribe to the actual paper edition of your magazine. Stop insulting my intelligence. This is just stupid.

April 28, 2012
Law school; skills for life or disappointment for life?


From as young as I can remember I wanted to be a lawyer. I always worked hard at school and came out with relatively good grades (not so much for A Level!). I then went on to read law at university and followed this on by completing the Legal Practice Course at Law School. Teachers and educational leaders reassured me that ‘a law degree takes you a long way in the world of work’. All in all I studied law for six years, yet I still don’t find myself working for a law firm. 

The above article shows that employment prospects for law graduates are ranked at 20%. In fact, law ranks lowest on the list compared to other degrees, which I confess some of which I was unaware could actually be studied as a degree. Not being bitter at all, I can’t help but doubt earlier reassurances that I was doing well for myself by following the path of legal study. 

It is quite obvious that the Legal Services Act isn’t helping us along the right path. Commercialisation, the rise of public companies and in house counsel were never going to serve the traditional law firm well. Despite this, surely the world still needs lawyers as they have for hundreds of years. Yet there seems to be many trainee lawyers crashing round the job market. 

Law is ranked as the third most difficult degree here in the UK. A law degree does show an employer that you are prepared to work hard and at least relatively bright, inarguably good traits. But are the lawyers of today settling for lesser jobs than they would 50 years ago? Personally I’ve found that many of my university peers are following different career paths than originally planned. Is this due to the state of the market or personal circumstances? Back in the day if you trained in law you more than likely ended up practising law - as good as evidence as you’re going to get that it is due to the market.

It’s also vague as to whether these ranks are taking into account postgraduate courses - if not this may account for such a low rank. Unable to practise law without a postgraduate course, there aren’t many jobs left in the legal field other than solicitor/barrister/legal executive.

I, myself work for a debt advice charity speaking to people with financial struggles everyday. A few of these have been solicitors, barristers and legal secretaries most of which have been made redundant. If they can’t carry on in the market with years of experience what hope do we have? 

It’s a case of waiting to see if the ‘traditional lawyer’ will remain in this new fangled commercialised market.

April 28, 2012

March 31, 2012
Friend? Or Real Friend? A Simple Test


A friend will help you move.

A real friend will help you move a body.

It is a useful thing to know … and it doesn’t even have to involve (and never should!) a body.

March 11, 2012
Just one quick thought

If Tories are for the rich then why are they planning to take child benefit from the higher rate tax payer ?

Where has the old day attitude gone of the high work ethic and not constantly taking from the state.

This country really angers me.

March 10, 2012

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